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Tuesday’s Tip – Use auction sites

Back in 2013, I wrote a blog post for the In-Depth Genealogist, which can be read HERE. I talked about sourcing material from auction sites and alike. I still believe that is a good option, and that is my Tuesday’s … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day Photo Collage – Day Eleven

Today’s picture is staying with my late father in-law. Yesterday we saw his recognition for taking part in the Arctic Convoys during the second world war. We know from his medals that he was in Palestine in 1949. By 1960 … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day Photo Collage – Day Ten

This picture has hung in my in-laws hall for at least the last 15 years or so. Just recently I had cause to look a bit closer at it and take some photographs. What does this signify? This was given … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day Photo Collage – Day Nine

This is a photograph of my late father in law. We can not be absolutely sure when he joined the British Navy, but he did, and served until at least 1949.  We recently have been given his medals and that … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z – April Challenge – G is for …..(Continued)

Having spent some time recently, as I wrote about Henry Goucher for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I sat this morning had another look to see if I could identify what happened to him after 1821. Henry’s timeline is repeated here … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z – April Challenge – G is for …..

G is for…… .GoucherA few years ago I became aware of a Henry Goucher who was tried at the Old Bailey. The trial was fairly standard of the time, Henry called one witness who said he was of good character and … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamps – SS Goucher Victory

A few weeks ago I was sent this lovely First Day Cover for the Goucher Victory Ship. From limited research it would appear that these ships, were named after Colleges in the US and were used in the main for … Continue reading

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Sepia Saturday 110 – In the Movies…..

This story and the photograph have a tentative connection to the theatre. Second lady from the left is Lesley Ramage with her father John. Lady on the far right is Nehru’s sister. Taken Bombay 1957. Lady on the far left … Continue reading

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Sepia Saturday 104 – Navy Collar!

A belated post, featuring the collar line in the prompt! This chap is my Husband’s Grandfather, Ernest Goucher taken in July 1919. Taking part in Sepia Saturday

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Sepia Saturday 101 – Old BSA 1958

The photograph shows my late father in law, Derek Goucher 1926 – 2010, on his BSA motorcycle, when he was stationed at Blandford Camp in Dorset in June 1958. He bought the motorcycle for £250.00. We know nothing about the … Continue reading

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