I have been researching my own ancestry since 1986 and that of my husband’s since 1993.

My maternal family line is predominately located in the South East of England – Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex and in particular just those few miles where the boundaries of the 3 Counties meet.  In reality, the vast majority of my family didn’t really move outside of these 3 Counties for over 200 years. Whilst that might appear an easy set of family names to research, I have the added complication of several family names appearing more than once! It was through this research that I established that my maternal Grandparents were 6th Cousins, although they did not know this. Sadly, both have passed away, but I wonder what they would have made of that!

One of my maternal Great Grandfathers hailed from Warwickshire before moving to Surrey in the 1890’s. I also have interests in other Counties such as Northamptonshire.

As my research developed, there have been branches that have migrated to other parts of the world – India, Australia, New Zealand, Canada to name a few.

My paternal family line is in Sicily which explains my interest in all things Italian.

Meanwhile, my husband’s ancestry is typically confined to Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, County Durham, Huntingdonshire, Yorkshire and then across the border into Scotland. There is also several lines of this family that have migrated away from the British Isles to the United States and Australia.

Genealogical software

I use Roots Magic for my own family history and for my specific genealogical studies; for the three Guild of One-Name Studies registered surnames and also for my One-Place Studies. In the latter part of 2017 I have been working on filing a very large pile of genealogical records and digitising the various records. I use TNG for displaying my One-Name & One-Place Studies.

I also use Evernote and One Note to capture information across all of my genealogical interests.

The following is a list of interests that I am researching – the surname list is currently in the process of being updated and placed in alphabetical order.

Surnames (not exhaustive)

  • BELLASIS – especially links to India
  • BOWRING – Devon England & Newfoundland Canada
  • BUDD – Puttenham Surrey
  • BUTCHER – Surrey England (especially Wonersh, Hascombe & Shere Surrey), Canada  & Australia – And Globally for my One-Name Study.
  • DENYER – Bramshott Hampshire & Lurgershall Sussex
  • DINSDALE – County Durham
  • DRAKELEY & DRAKELY – Warwickshire
  • DWERRYHOUSE – All (especially Liverpool and North West of England)
  • EASTWICK – London & India (especially Master Mariner Robert Eastwick)
  • ELLIS – Guildford, Elstead and Puttenham Surrey and Victoria Australia post 1854
  • ELSTONE – Bramshot & Headley Hampshire & Lurgershall Sussex
  • GOACHER/GOUCHER – Scarcliffe Derbyshire & Cuckney Nottinghamshire
  • HAYLOCK – Huntingdonshire & Suffolk
  • KING – Puttenham Surrey and then India
  • MATTHEWS – Warwickshire & then to Surrey 1890
  • ORLANDO – World Wide Study, but especially Sutera Sicily
  • REDHEAD – County Durham
  • SELF – County Durham & Suffolk
  • VIRCIGLIO – World Wide
  • WORSHIP – World Wide Study, but especially Huntingdonshire
Specific Studies

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  • One Place Study for the Surrey Parish of Puttenham (incorporating neighbouring Wanborough). The Study commenced in August 1986 and still very much a work in progress and is in the process of being moved to a new on line home. The study is registered with both the Society of One-Place studies & Register of One-Place studies in 2013.
  • Community Study for a specific road in Guildford Surrey – Walnut Tree Close. The study commenced in 1988 and is still very much a work in progress. It was registered with both the Society of One-Place studies & Register of One-Place studies in 2013. ​
  • The rural community of Sutera in Sicily. This One-Place Study commenced in 1988 and was registered with both the Society of One-Place studies & Register of One-Place studies in 2013. Over the course of the last 25 years I have noted various references in relation to the Italian village linked with my ancestry; indeed Sutera is the hotbed for my personal line of Orlando’s.
Sutera Circa 1930

From the Sutera collection of Julie Goucher. This is Sutera circa 1930.

  • Guildford and District ~ A Pictorial Archive I was born in Guildford and am very proud of my heritage and links within the area. Over the last 30 years I have collected a vast archive of memorabilia relating to Guildford and the rural parishes surrounding it that are linked to my family history.  A chance pondering, and I contemplated this project, to publish the archive over the course of a year, commencing on my birthday, 10th October 2011 with a completion date of 9th October 2012. A total of 366 items because 2012 was a leap year. In the early weeks of 2013, I received an email from someone who like me was born in the area, and now lives in another part of the Country. I was asked what I planned to do with the collection and did I have any more, unpublished (by me) images? I did, and thought I would simply share them in a random fashion! I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I have compiling it. These pictures are now located on this site (although the majority are not currently added to the category, this is a work in progress)
Updated 1 May 2022