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February Collage Photo Festival – Day 28

Well, we have made it to the last day of the photo festival, and the final photograph is of my Great Grandmother, my Grandfather’s mother who you met on day 6. I remember this photograph being taken, I was about … Continue reading

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February Collage Photo Festival – Day 27

This is another photograph from around 1950. This part of a series of about 30 photographs we have all taken at   Southend Essex whilst my Grandparents visited my Grandfathers sister and her husband, my Uncle. We met Aunt and … Continue reading

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February Collage Photo Festival – Day 26

We know from other photographs that this was taken at Brighton on the English South coast. In this picture is my Grandfather George Butcher and my Mum who was about 7 in this photo. My Grandmother was taking the photograph. … Continue reading

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Dona Nicanora’s Hat Shop by Kirstan Hawkins

Each year the members of my bookgroup select two titles each. This month’s selection was mine and selected in the same way that I select horses in the Grand National – because they have a nice name! The story is … Continue reading

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Inheritance by Nicholas Shakespeare

The storyline is fairly simple. It is about a man, Andy, who leaves his uninspired job at a self help publishing house  late to attend his late teachers funeral. However, he eventually realises that he is in the wrong chapel, … Continue reading

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February Collage Photo Festival – Day 25

Today’s photo is a little blurry, sorry about that, but that is the photograph! This is the garden of my Grandparents home in Guildford. This photograph, despite being so blurry is a favourite. I date this around 1960. The detail … Continue reading

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Sunday Salon – February Catch Up!

Do you know, I really do not know where February has gone? I have been busy and here in the UK we have had a really cold spell. Brr! I have slowed down on the reading front. I have had … Continue reading

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February Collage Photo Festival – Day 24

Today’s photograph is one of two baby photos that I have. This is me, taken aged 9 months old. The photograph when Mum and I discussed recently I think gave rise to some memories for her. Apparently I had been … Continue reading

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Cleveland’s West Side Market: 100 Years & Still Cooking by Laura Taxel, Marilou Suszko, Barney Taxel and Michael Symon

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to review this delightful book. Sadly I had the e-book version as this would have been a delight to have read in the flesh. The book has been thoroughly researched and explores … Continue reading

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February Collage Photo Festival – Day 23

Today’s photograph was on the occasion of my birthday, just before I left for Australia. The lady on the left was my Great Aunt and Godmother Dorothy, who we called Doll and was the youngest sister of my Grandfather and … Continue reading

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