Julie is available to deliver any of the presentations or workshops listed below, or a bespoke presentation or workshop by arrangement.  A professional speaker, Julie has spoken globally, both in person or electronically to a variety of organisations.

Participants receive a syllabus to accompany the presentation or workshop.

One Name Studies

  • Introduction to One-Name Studies and Surname Research
  • Practical Steps to Creating a One Name (or Surname) Study
  • Origins & Evolution of the Butcher and Orlando One-Name Studies
  • Exploring a Surname DNA Project within a One-Name Study or Surname Research Project

One-Place Studies

  • Practical Steps to Creating a One-Place Study
  • Researching Your Place
  • Origins & Evolution of a One-Place Study/Place Research

Specialist Studies

  • Developing a Specialist Study

Italian & European Research

  • Researching Italian Ancestors
  • Tracing Your European Ancestors
  • Resources for Researching your European Ancestors
  • My Ancestor was an ‘Alien’
  • European Surnames & How They Help Genealogical Research
  • Researching Displaced People


  • Researching 20th Century Genealogy
  • Genealogy Structure and Researching in the USA
  • Thinking & Researching Outside the Box
  • Introduction to Family History  (A twelve week course delivered in person or virtually)
  • Medical Genealogy – Beyond the Death Certificate (new 2023)
  • Medical Genealogy – The Five of the Victorian Era (new 2023)
  • Delving Deep into Migration to and from the British Isles
  • The Power of a Rural Setting
  • Uniqueness of the British Isles and it’s link to Migration
  • Treasures of the Archives

Continuing Personal / Professional Development

  • Understanding Continuing Professional Development
  • Understanding Continuing Personal Development
  • On-Line Workshop – Defining Continuing Personal (Professional) Development
  • Creating a Learning Portfolio

Blogging & Writing


  • Developing your Society (Group) using Social Media
  • Is Identity Family, or Something else?
  • 23 Things
  • (The In Memory of Quilt Memorial Project) – Being Retired 2024

If you have any questions or would like a presentation delivered please complete the form below. Bespoke presentations are available by arrangement.

Last updated 1 February 2023