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Family History Writing Challenge 2012 – Getting Ready

I have spent much of the last week re reading the posts from last year and wondering whether to create a theme to my writing, and focus on particular individuals, or whether to follow last year’s patten and start and … Continue reading

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365 Project – January 2012

View the complete month at 2012 – A Year in Photographs 

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Tech Tuesday – iPad – Consuming versus Producing….

An interesting question via the iPad mailing list hosted at Yahoo. Consuming versus Producing – Do you spend time merely dealing with emails, social media or producing whilst using your iPad? Is there likely to be a difference between what … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 114: Creative Gene’s iGene Awards for 2011!

This is the first year I have taken part in the iGene awards. I hope you enjoy revisiting these posts, which are a selection from 2011. Best Comedy  There is not especially lots of humour at Anglers Rest blog. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Tea Cup Tuesday – Millennium Mug 2000

Following on from last week’s Tea Cup Tuesday mug. Made from the same pottery and probably purchased from the same shop locally. This is a lovely addition to my Millennium collection. As I am sure there was the world over, … Continue reading

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Guest Post by Terri Giulano Long – An Ode to Bloggers

Last May, a month or so after I began marketing my novel, In Leah’s Wake, a former agent told me that I would never sell 500 books. A rookie, I had no idea what to expect. When I published the … Continue reading

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Thyroid Literary Challenge – Words of Encouragement

Understanding, Knowledge, Share and Experience When I was first diagnosed with a thyroid condition 20 years ago I wanted to gain as much knowledge as I could. Knowledge that would develop my understanding about the condition and enable me to … Continue reading

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NaBloPoMo – February 2012 Getting Ready – Relative!

The February theme for NaBloPoMo is the word RELATIVE. Now that is a word a genealogist can hardly ignore. Shame it is February though, as I am already taking part in a challenge; The Family History Writing Challenge. However, I can see … Continue reading

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52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy – Week 4 – Free Offline Genealogy Tools

Week 4– Free Offline Genealogy Tools – Which free offline genealogy tools are you most thankful for? How has it helped your family history experience? How did you find this tool and how has it benefited your genealogy? Describe to others how to access this tool … Continue reading

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Weekend Cooking – Beef Casserole

Last weekend, I had some cubed casserole steak in the fridge. I hadn’t made any plans on what to cook and then had a vision of warm, thickish gravy! I cut up two carrots and a few mushrooms added them … Continue reading

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