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Q & A – Citations and Repositories

Hi Julie, I enjoyed the online Chat and just read the evening one so have ordered the book mentioned. I’ve managed to get RootsMagic to work on my Mac – I don’t think it will link to anything online but. … Continue reading

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Introducing A-Z Challenge 2020

Commencing 1st April, subscribers and readers will be seeing posts every day (apart from Sunday) about Specialised Studies. A specialised study is a project or study based upon something specific. Each of the posts will be based upon the loose … Continue reading

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Q & A – Study Starting Point

Hi Julie, I have collected some Census information, Marriages and Cemetery Records for my one name study. I would like to start entering individuals into Roots Magic. The marriages have spouses and marriage dates but no age or parents for … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings (28)

I am not planning on turning this post into a discussion on COVID-19 because discussions are everywhere; and not all of it accurate. I am a news junkie, so I watched the news very frequently last week. Because of a … Continue reading

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Practicalities of a One-Name Study

We have just got to the end of week one of the new Pharos course, Practicalities of a One-Name Study The first week looks at, as you might have guessed, spreadsheets and how they can be used in a One-Name … Continue reading

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Q & A – Consistency in Recording Place Names

For researchers not use to researching in England and Wales it is worth pointing our some inconsistencies when researching and recording place names Firstly, in England and Wales births, marriages and deaths were recorded from September 1837. They were recorded … Continue reading

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More on Variants

The latest Introduction to One-Name Studies course has just officially finished, though I shall arrange one more chat with those students. One of the things I love about teaching the courses, is the questions posed over the duration of the … Continue reading

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The Genealogy Blog Party: Celebrating Women’s History Month

This photograph is one of my most treasured photographs. The lady sitting down is my Great Great Grandmother, Caroline Harris nee Ellis. According to my great Aunts, who were Caroline’s grandchildren she was a formidable lady. She did not suffer … Continue reading

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Scottish Highlands & Islands

Amazingly, there are 790 Scottish Islands, divided into four groups Shetland Orkney Herbrides Inner Outer As I researched this section I was astounded that there are so many islands. Then I pondered on the practical aspects, such as post and … Continue reading

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George Butcher #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 8

Today is the 112th birthday of my maternal Grandfather, George Butcher. Born in 1908 in Wanborough, Surrey, he was one of 9 children who survived into adulthood from a family of 12. At the time of the Second World War … Continue reading

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