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Harry Potter and Platform 9 3/4 – #50Before50

It was by pure chance that I was able to tick off another #50Before50 item. Last year I confirmed that I would happily speak at the Society of Genealogists again, on the subject of European Ancestors. Trains from my part … Continue reading

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A-Z Challenge 2019 – O is for Organisation

On every intake of  the Pharos Introduction to One-Name Studies course one of the questions that is always asked, earlier than it appears in the course is how to keep and organise a study. I have planned a series on that, giving … Continue reading

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The Angel of the North – #50Before50

A month or so ago we visited The Angel of the North. By coincidence, it happened to be the Angel’s 21st birthday. At the bottom of the Angel is a sign providing details about it’s history and so forth. The … Continue reading

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Penshaw Monument – #50Before50

This is Penshaw Monument and is located in County Durham. It is a rather formidable structure, built overlooking an area which, in times past was heavily involved with the mining industry. The monument, as wonderful as it is was build … Continue reading

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Introducing #50Before50

In this busy world we live in, it is hard to imagine that actually 50 was once considered old. Life was hard and to die at 50 was likely a release from a life of challenges, poverty and hardship. In … Continue reading

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