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Mules Park at Eastcliffe

Inspired by an article in the local paper about Mules Park we decided to explore. In the time we have lived here we had never heard of it. We had a lovely walk, despite the weather being miserable and Alfie … Continue reading

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Living in a church…..

The weekly free paper usually plops through the letterbox on Thursday evenings, we know when it has arrived when Alfie, our Border Terrier, who makes up for his size with personality, barks to advise that something is happening at the … Continue reading

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Weekend Cooking – Foodie Quotes

This week has been a challenging one. We heard some sad news over last weekend and although I have written a few posts this week and gone to work, I have been rather preoccupied. Then on Tuesday we heard that … Continue reading

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World Thyroid Day – 25th May 2011

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Armchair BEA 2011 – Day Three – Network & Favourite book blogs and bloggers

Design Credit – Sarah of  Puss Reboots Wednesday, May 25: Work the Network! This is the day for the ever-popular blogger Interviews! Participants did have to sign up for the interviews in advance, so if you missed the cutoff, our “alternate” topic is … Continue reading

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Armchair BEA 2011 – Day One – Who are you, and how do you Armchair?

Design Credit – Sarah of  Puss Reboots Monday, May 23: Who are you, and how do you Armchair?You’ll probably be getting a lot of new visitors to your blog this week, so introduce yourself in a post! And if you specialize … Continue reading

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Weekend Cooking – Chili Con Corpses by J B Stanley

I have missed the last few weekend cooking posts, just simply due to not being organised and the weekends of late being too short! My late contribution is a book review for Chili Con Corpses by J B Stanley. I spotted … Continue reading

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Inspector Singh investigates:A Most Perculiar Malaysian Murder by Shamini Flint

I was intrigued when I spotted what appeared to be a new mystery series in the library recently. A quick look on Amazon revealed that this was indeed a new series and I was lucky enough on another visit to … Continue reading

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Armchair BEA 2011 – Introduction

Design Credit – Sarah of  Puss Reboots New York is about to be overrun with book lovers at the Book Blogger Convention this week. I felt a little envious at not being able to attend, and was delighted to read … Continue reading

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Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear

Just before Christmas Maisie and her employee, Billie see a man commit suicide in the street. The man was clearly a War Veteran and events very quickly turn Maisie back to her nursing days during the Great War. Soon after … Continue reading

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