Surname Research

banner_page_headA Surname or One-Name Study is a project where you seek to collect every instance of the surname as far as practical and possible.

The leading international organisation regarding surnames is the Guild of One-Name Studies. I have been a member of the Guild since 2002. I have been a Trustee and Committee member since 2015 and spent my first four years on the Committee as the Guild Secretary.

I was honoured to be awarded the Guild of Master Craftsman at the Annual General Meeting in 2019. I was also honoured in 2019 to be awarded by the Society of Genealogists in London, England the Certificate of Recognition for “exceptional services to genealogy and one-name studies, promoting methodology, aims, processes and strategies”

logorI am also the tutor for the Pharos course, Introduction to One-Name Studies which runs typically twice a year and more frequently if required. You can also download a copy of the course information sheet HERE.

The next intake for this course is:

 7 November 2019 – dates for 2020 will be available in due course

On this page you will find links to a series of posts that I have written about One-Name & Surname research.

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