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Researching Females in a One-Name Study

A frequent question that pops up on the Introduction to One-Name Studies course is about researching women, especially if the female marries out of the surname. It varies, depending on the person undertaking the study. Some carry on, including the … Continue reading

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Sicilian Sulphur Mining #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 7

Caltanissetta is located in the centre of Sicily, dominating the Salso River. From the beginning of the 19th Century, Caltanissetta became a mining centre following the discovery of huge sulphur deposits. Between 1830-1835, according to the General Statistics of Sulphur … Continue reading

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Q & A – How do I set up an eBay search for my Surname?

Following my article in Family Tree Magazine, where I mentioned setting up an eBay alert for a surname, I received a few questions on how to set it up. I thought I would also answer that here, in a step … Continue reading

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Genealogy Blog Party – We ❤️ February – actually no, I don’t! #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 6

Taking part in the Genealogy Blog Party, hosted by Elizabeth at February, and in particular Valentine’s day is now a subdued day. The day in 2020 marks the 6th year since my Mum passed away, just two days before her … Continue reading

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Family Tree Magazine – How to Start a One-Name Study.

The launch of my 2020 series on surnames has begun in Family Tree Magazine, March issue and on sale now. This article four page article, How to Start a One-Name Study is demonstrating the starting of a study and setting the … Continue reading

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DNA Ethnicity Estimates and the Vircigilo Surname #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 5

Over the weekend I spotted that Ancestry had updated the Ethnicity estimate page on my DNA test. I thought nothing more of it, until I scrolled down and noticed that there now showed a line for Sardinia which was not … Continue reading

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Working on a Global Surname Project , for a Geographically Concentrated Surname

Typically surnames will have a hotbed presence, even the most common surnames. In those instances, it will often be personal to the researcher. In the case of my own Butcher ancestors, Surrey is a particular hotbed for me, followed by … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings (27)

Research resources are just about everywhere. They always were, but the internet has made them so much more visible and accessible. Of course, the downside at least in part, is the closures of some archives as they struggle with budgets … Continue reading

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Interview at Organize Your Family History

A few weeks ago I was approached by professional Organiser and family historian, Janine Adams who asked if she could interview me for the “How They Do It” column. I agreed, and the interview went live a few days ago … Continue reading

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Q & A – Frank, Anton and Anna Hunt – Württemberg, Germany

Before Christmas I gave a webinar to a genealogical group in the United States. I was forwarded a question, but noted some weeks later that the email was without the address of the genealogist. I therefore through I would reply, … Continue reading

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