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Desk Ramblings (26)

Today in England we have a second public holiday, or as we call them, bank holiday. The 26th December is known as Boxing Day, or as it is officially known, St Stephen’s Day. St Stephen was the first Christian Martyr … Continue reading

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Ramblings from my Desk….. (25)

This is the 25th Desk Ramblings post that I have written and it was time for an image change. The use of my childhood Scrabble board in my Family Tree Magazine (UK) articles has been popular so I figured, if … Continue reading

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Ramblings from my Desk….. (24)

It has been a considerable time since I sat and did a general chatty post, but the last year has been busy and there always seems other posts and material to be written. Those of you who are subscribed to … Continue reading

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Ramblings from my Desk…..(23)

It has been a very long time since I have had opportunity to sit and write a general post. I hope through 2019 they will be a bit more frequent, but I won’t promise! The last six months or so … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings……(22)

Oh my, it has been a long time since I sat and wrote here. A variety of domestic, personal and health issues have been an energy and brain drain. I am sure that you all know what I mean. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings…..(21)

It has been several months since I last shared a desk ramblings. The reason for this one appearing today is because someone wrote and asked me was I continuing the post themes as they missed them. I am! Thanks so … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings…..(20)

Here at Anglers Rest, things have been quiet on the blogging and working front and extremely busy on the domestic front. As I mentioned in my last Desk Ramblings we were expecting visitors – my cousin and his wife from Australia. … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings…..(19)

The last few months (well since my last Desk Ramblings in March this year) have been busy. I am finishing a day job project. Working on another project with a September deadline and have been scoping out a further project. … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings…..(18)

It is very hard to believe that the last time I wrote a desk rambling post Mum was in hospital and today, a little more than two months on, Mum has passed away, the funeral has taken place and now … Continue reading

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Desk Ramblings…..(17)

The last five weeks with Mum in hospital has been full of mixed emotions. I have felt everything from fear, weary, scared, anxious, worry, joy,exhaustion and no doubt a few others that I can not remember. I have always been … Continue reading

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