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Census, Parish and One-Place Study Resources

As we undertake our genealogical research, whether that it on our own individual family history, or a specific project, such as a One-Place Study, One-Name Study, or perhaps a project undertaken as part of the Family and Community History Research … Continue reading

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Local History Along the Wall #HW1900

Marking the 1900th Anniversary of Hadrian’s Wall (AD 122-2022) The 24 January 2022 marks the 1900th anniversary of the commencement of the building of Hadrian’s Wall. The anniversary celebrations conclude, on 23rd December 2022 which is the final day of the Festival of Saturnalia. A relatively recent relocation … Continue reading

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Getting to know Sutera – An Overview

Rising 600 meters above sea level, some 100 km from Palmero is Sutera, in Sicily. Now a town of 1223 people (May 2021), it has a fascinating history. Sutera is a rural community, defined by feudal estates and cereal cultivation … Continue reading

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