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Genealogical Field Notes (3) – Unusual Research Opportunities

Part of Genealogical Field Notes Research is in many ways like unravelling a ball of wool. You start to investigate, then all of a sudden you are completely overwhelmed with the all data that is now available and that is … Continue reading

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#52 Ancestors – Week 1 Foundations

I am terrible at following these regular posting schedules, but thought that I would see if my track record improves for 2022, so fingers crossed! For our research to be successful, I think the most important elements is for the … Continue reading

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Roman Naming Conventions – Tria Nomina

Today, the 24 January 2022 marks the 1900th anniversary (AD 122-2022) of the commencement of the building of Hadrian’s Wall. The anniversary celebrations conclude, on 23rd December 2022 which is the final day of the Festival of Saturnalia. The Romans and other people of Italy … Continue reading

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Discussion – What to look for that suits your (One-Name/Surname) Study

As I was unable to give the presentation live, I said that I would organise an online event whereby we could discuss the presentation and I could answer any questions. For those who missed the recording, it can be found … Continue reading

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Medieval European Society During 14th Century

One surname type is that of occupations, and these can be traced back to Medieval times across Europe. The surname of Smith refers to someone who worked with metal. The surname Silversmith was used by someone who worked with silver. … Continue reading

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The Journey to a Specific Project (2)

You can read other posts Journey to a Specific Project HERE. Thinking back to the pre-internet days, researching our family history or a specific project was a labour of love. We worked from ourselves backward, talking to family members and … Continue reading

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The Journey to a Specific Project (1)

Our individual genealogical and family history pursuits is, for a good many of us the reason we embark on specific projects of some kind, This might be  researching broadly and culturally another country, a One-Name study or a One-Place study. … Continue reading

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Elstead Football Club 1911

Twice in recent weeks I have been asked if there was a better image of this picture available. There was, and I sent the images on to those that requested them. It seemed appropriate that I should share this post … Continue reading

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Almost Within Living Memory

I wrote this back in late October 2021, where it languished with a series of post it notes in my journal, and waited to be finished. It was not until I was working on the Census series that I recalled … Continue reading

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Tracing Ancestors from Continental Europe – Pharos Course

Today is the launch day of my new Pharos Tutors course, Tracing Ancestors from Continental Europe. The course takes place over five weeks and is presented as a significant foundation for researching in Europe; Lessons are: 1 – Unfolding the … Continue reading

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