Privacy Policy

I am currently a Trustee for the Guild of One-Name Studies and currently the Vice Chairman.  I am also a Tutor for Pharos Tutoring and Teaching. Whilst I do refer to both organisations, the contents of this site and comments made upon it are my own views only.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in respect of those of us who are resident in the UK and Europe on 25 May 2018 has necessitated that this page be written.

I host a number of sites on WordPress, my Website and blog plus those relating to my One-Name Studies & specific surnames, and one relating to researching European Ancestors.

Every 180 days a cookies notice will appear on my sites that are hosted at WordPress. Once accepted then it will not appear for another 180 days. You can subscribe to my blogs via email or can see posts via my Twitter feed or Facebook Page.

I do not under any circumstances share your details with others. If you leave a comment on a post then no one can see your email address, unless you have typed it yourself in the comment field. I am able to see the identity of all those subscribed. If another researcher with relevant information wants to contact you, I will not forward your email to them without your explicit consent, equally I will not pass their email details to you without their explicit consent.

If I need to provide a complex or confidential answer to any comment left in response to a post I may decide to reply directly to you in detail as well as post a short or edited version on the blog. All comments are moderated so that I can maintain a friendly and positive environment, although a number of frequent bloggers are able to leave comments easily.

On my website I will not share information about living people unless they have given permission. I do have a number of newspaper articles, relating to my One-Name studies and genealogy and if these are shared it is because the site contains my personal research.

You are able to unsubscribe at any time and you are equally welcome to contact me via the contact page on the sites.

Julie Goucher, Anglers Rest

25 May 2020