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The Genealogy Blog Party: Celebrating Women’s History Month

This photograph is one of my most treasured photographs. The lady sitting down is my Great Great Grandmother, Caroline Harris nee Ellis. According to my great Aunts, who were Caroline’s grandchildren she was a formidable lady. She did not suffer … Continue reading

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George Butcher #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 8

Today is the 112th birthday of my maternal Grandfather, George Butcher. Born in 1908 in Wanborough, Surrey, he was one of 9 children who survived into adulthood from a family of 12. At the time of the Second World War … Continue reading

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Sicilian Sulphur Mining #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 7

Caltanissetta is located in the centre of Sicily, dominating the Salso River. From the beginning of the 19th Century, Caltanissetta became a mining centre following the discovery of huge sulphur deposits. Between 1830-1835, according to the General Statistics of Sulphur … Continue reading

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Q & A – How do I set up an eBay search for my Surname?

Following my article in Family Tree Magazine, where I mentioned setting up an eBay alert for a surname, I received a few questions on how to set it up. I thought I would also answer that here, in a step … Continue reading

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Genealogy Blog Party – We ❤️ February – actually no, I don’t! #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 6

Taking part in the Genealogy Blog Party, hosted by Elizabeth at February, and in particular Valentine’s day is now a subdued day. The day in 2020 marks the 6th year since my Mum passed away, just two days before her … Continue reading

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DNA Ethnicity Estimates and the Vircigilo Surname #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 5

Over the weekend I spotted that Ancestry had updated the Ethnicity estimate page on my DNA test. I thought nothing more of it, until I scrolled down and noticed that there now showed a line for Sardinia which was not … Continue reading

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Working on a Global Surname Project , for a Geographically Concentrated Surname

Typically surnames will have a hotbed presence, even the most common surnames. In those instances, it will often be personal to the researcher. In the case of my own Butcher ancestors, Surrey is a particular hotbed for me, followed by … Continue reading

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Surname Vircigilo – #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 4

There is no secret that I love surnames and the heritage & history that each one portrays. This image, here is reflective of my paternal line, which is predominately in Sicily, but there are lines that have migrated elsewhere, some … Continue reading

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Italian First World War Dead – #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 3

Italy’s involvement in the First World war was nothing short of disastrous. In 1915, knowing that Italy was keen to expand its geographical area Britain promised Italy that upon defeat of the Austro-Hungarian empire there would receive territorial rewards if … Continue reading

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Rectors and Curates #GOONSblogchallenge – Post 2

As genealogists we spend a lot of time exploring the parishes our families or those we are researching have lived in. I have been very lucky to have ancestors who resided in two parishes where either the Rector or the … Continue reading

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