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JulieGoucherBiophotoThis blog is my personal space to explore my interests, ramblings and obsessions.

I am a Surrey girl, who is very proud of her roots, which go back almost 300 years in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. I currently live in the North of England following a move from the South West after more than 22 years,  but Surrey is always home! I am also half Italian and thus have an interest in Italian culture and genealogy.

After a career in pharmacy management spanning more than 20 years, I made the decision to look at my options as to where my professional life was heading. I wanted to expand my work portfolio within the training and writing arena; to utilise my historical and research skills along with other qualifications and years of experience.

I created The Book of Me, Written by You back in the Autumn of 2012. It threads together the focus of my interests and qualifications. Enabling me to encourage others to think beyond the obvious as we analyse our own lives and those of our close family members.

I am currently a tutor for Pharos Tutoring, teaching the Introduction to One-Name Studies course and have been a Trustee of the Guild of One-Name Studies since 2015.

The views & opinions expressed on this blog are mine. From time to time I am approached to undertake book reviews and it is rare that I refuse. I will also state in the review if I have been asked to undertake a review and I do not receive financial reward for any reviews.

By far my biggest obsessions are books and genealogy, and not necessarily in that particular order! – I have been reading from an early age and have fabulous memories of selecting a book a week as I was growing up.

The genealogy bug caught me when I was in my early twenties and my obsession was fed by a series of elderly relatives who loved to share our family history. I guess in some ways the genealogy aspects of this blog is dedicated to them.

I regularly write for a number of family history publications including Family Tree Magazine (UK) and the In-Depth Genealogist.

Thanks for stopping by.



Updated 28 Feb 2019

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