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The Bitter Trade by Piers Alexander

I was drawn to this book by the cover and having read the synopis expected a book about the importation of coffee in the seventeenth century. Instead the book was about a young man, called Calumny living with his family in rural … Continue reading

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Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase by Louise Walters

This is the story of Roberta interspersed with the story of Dorothy who is Roberta’s Grandmother. Dorothy has been a widow for many years, her husband her Polish serviceman killed in the line of duty. That is the story fed … Continue reading

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The Library Book ~ An Anthology

This slender volume comprises of short writings from twenty five different authors. Each one sharing across the page why they love and value libraries and the importance that libraries have played in their individual literary careers. Most of the authors … Continue reading

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The Newfound Land (Graham Saga Book 4) by Anna Belfrage

Back in October I read and reviewed the three earlier books in the series. Book 1 – A Rip in the VeilBook 2 – Like Chaff in the WindBook 3 – The Prodigal Son In this latest book, Matthew and … Continue reading

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One Little Christmas Tree by The Curto Family & Rusty Fischer

A delightful children’s book about a small Christmas tree, sitting and waiting to be selected by a family. Planted as a small tree, he waits and waits for the moment when the owner comes along with a bucket to dig … Continue reading

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Christmas at the Homeplace by William Leverne Smith

Earlier this year I was asked by Dr Bill, a fellow contributor to the In-Depth Genealogist magazine if I would review a book in the Homeplace Series. I was delighted to, and you can read that review HERE. A few … Continue reading

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The Prodigal Son (Graham Saga Book 3) by Anna Belfrage

This third installment in the trilogy finds Matthew returned from the plantations. Back in Scotland the relationship with his brother continues to rage in an unhealthy manner, alas that is not the only consideration. This book is set in the … Continue reading

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Like Chaff in the Wind (Graham Saga Book 2) by Anna Belfrage

Having read and reviewed book one in the series; you can read that review HERE. The second book in the series set out with Matthew in Edinburgh. There has been bad feeling between him and his brother and much damage … Continue reading

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A Rip in the Veil (Graham Saga Book 1) by Anna Belfrage

A little while ago I was given the opportunity to review the 3rd book in the Graham Sage by Anna Belfrage. As I read the synopsis I discovered a problem; I had not read the first books in the series. … Continue reading

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Tracing Your House History by Gill Blanchard

I was recently given a copy of this book to review and what a delight it was. This book is more than a guide to researching the history of your house, or a house of interest. It is a font … Continue reading

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