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The Bitter Trade by Piers Alexander

I was drawn to this book by the cover and having read the synopis expected a book about the importation of coffee in the seventeenth century. Instead the book was about a young man, called Calumny living with his family in rural … Continue reading

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Tax Disc – The End of an Era

Image courtesy of The Independent Today marks the end of an era for those of us in the UK. Back in 1921 motorists in the UK were required to pay a fee, known as Road Tax to the Government in … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Future – The People have Spoken

Yesterday was an important day in the history of Scotland, and the rest of the United Kingdom. After a campaign of around two years, the people of Scotland took to the polling booths to vote on whether Scotland should leave … Continue reading

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Outlander – Books, Tartans, History and Scotland

Several years ago I was introduced to the books set Scotland, called the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. The series has progressed and is now on book eight; and each of the books is a whopper!  The initial book in … Continue reading

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My Lost Son – BBC Documentary (Lockerbie Pan Am 103)

Lockerbie Air Disaster MemorialTaken April 2006  – Julie Goucher I recall back in December 1988 hearing the tragic news of the air disaster in Scotland; the bombing of Pan Am 103 heading to the United States.  It was therefore quite … Continue reading

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The Fishing Fleet – Anne de Courcy

A year ago today I wrote a review of this book and you can read it here. Then last week, I was sent the link to an interview that the author did in Australia, for Adelaide Week in March 2013. … Continue reading

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Challenges of Mother Nature

The south west of England has been battered by severe storms for weeks, in fact since well before Christmas. The winds on occasions up to 80 miles per hour, and torrential rain with burst of hail stones. When the rain … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Furies by Wendy Lower

About six weeks ago I wrote this post, Where Ever the Road Leads, prompted to do so having read an article in the newspaper about the book shown here. I was therefore interested to come across a podcast of the … Continue reading

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Tracing Your House History by Gill Blanchard

I was recently given a copy of this book to review and what a delight it was. This book is more than a guide to researching the history of your house, or a house of interest. It is a font … Continue reading

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Those Thursday Places – One Place Studies

I recently had cause to contemplate the actual definition of a one place study. Having had the question presented I stopped, thought and debated. I have an interest in three individual places Puttenham in Surrey (linked to the nearby parish … Continue reading

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