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Jubilee Fever!

It can not have escaped anyone’s notice that the UK have had an extra long weekend in order for the public to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The second Monarch to achieve such an event. There have … Continue reading

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Weekend Cooking – Expensive Biscuit!

Most of us throw away old stale biscuits. Well here is one that wasn’t! This news article was found in the Junior Newshound section of the  local paper – The Herald Express which covers Torbay in Devon England 13th October … Continue reading

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Postcard Friendship Friday – Postcard Collection and Archive

I spotted a week or two ago, an article in the local paper – The Western Morning News, which is the regional newspaper for Devon and Cornwall, about a postcard collection relating to boxing memorabilia in Plymouth. This particular collection … Continue reading

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Sunday Stamps – A Collection of Penny Blacks

i Welcome, to the latest Sunday Stamps posting. I had planned to post a completely different post this week, but then this morning, whilst reading the paper; The Western Daily Press dated 27th August 2011, I spotted the following picture … Continue reading

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Weekend Cooking – An Old Cookbook with a Difference

I often spend an hour or two reading the newspapers over the weekend. Sometimes, I strike it lucky with some amusing or interesting article that catches my eye. Here is a recent find Published 13 August 2011 in Western Morning … Continue reading

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Postcard Friendship Friday – From Wales 1970 to Cornwall 2011…..

Last weekend I spent an hour or two catching up on a small pile of newspapers, having a read. I like to ponder over the amusing articles that I might find. Here is one that I thought would make an … Continue reading

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Simple Pleasures – Phone Boxes

A simple pleasure for me is finding some time to read the local newspapers and enjoy some of the more wacky and interesting bits of news. Well, here is an article from the local regional newspaper from a few weeks … Continue reading

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Remembering V J Day

Memories my late Father in Law shared with the readers of the Annandale Herald (Dumfriesshire Scotland) 18th August 2005

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Treasure Chest Thursday – Richard Edge 1807

I sat reading the Western Morning News published yesterday 16th April and turned towards the back where there is always details of forthcoming auctions of collectibles. Every now and again something catches my eye. Yesterday’s edition was no exception. This … Continue reading

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Sunday Obituary – Greyfriars Bobby

Not quite an obituary for the Geneabloggers Sunday’s Obituary theme, but I thought I would share something that I spotted while catching up on my newspaper reading. This is a newspaper article from the Western Morning News which is the … Continue reading

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