Motto – Kynd Kyn Knawe Kepe

Copyright – Julie Goucher, June 2022

About 20 years ago I purchased this mug from an antique store in Devon. I was drawn to it for several reasons, the colours, the commemorative features and the date – 18 December was the date of my Grandmother’s birthday, though she was born way before 1934.

I was convinced that there was a link to mining and Cornwall. I decided to take to Twitter #AncestryHour (@ancestryhour & associated website) and wondered what genealogical colleagues would suggest. I was not disappointed, within a few minutes I had received some really useful suggestions and comments.

Copyright – Julie Goucher, June 2022

Firstly, I was alerted to the motto on the china, which bizarrely I had never noticed. How could I have missed that?

Whilst a number of weeks have passed I have not managed to spend anytime researching this further. What follows is the list of suggestions & hints, all centred around the motto, which I had not noticed!

  • Spode Museum Trust
  • Gawthorpe Hall
  • Article in Daily Mirror newspaper 19 December 1934
  • Article in Lancashire Evening News 19 December 1934
  • Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, and President of the County Territorial Association whose coat of arms shows a shuttle, a weaver, and a seaman with a ship’s lantern.
  • Family motto is Kynd Kyn Knawe Kepe
  • Kay Family Association who are members of the Guild of One-Name Studies

I have added the mug research to my winter to do list.

Assistance from @mharkusAurelius, @MCgirl73, @Janciletti, @Janetspink1 & @MusicHallJane and @chiddickstree – thanks so much.

Copyright – Julie Goucher, June 2022

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