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Copyright – Julie Goucher, June 2022

Over the years I have shared about my notebook and writing obsessions and thought that I might share with you the ones I have enjoyed over recent months.  Some of these have been new, some extracted from my stash of notebooks and only one Moleskine! If you missed the post where I shared how it all began click HERE

This notebook was a recent addition by way of a stationery subscription box that I subscribe to. I am not a fan of these reporter style books, but I was drawn to the design and it is my current book. The pen which is a Caran d’Ache Paul Smith 3rd Edition 849 Ballpoint Pen. The pen comes in a rather lovely tin, which is the only difference, so in this case I have two, the green and the mustard colour tins, both pens are identical – there is no specific link between the pens and the notebook, they by chance compliment each other.

Santa bought me a matching set of colouring pencils, from the same series. I have fond memories of a set of Caran d’Ache colouring pencils from my school days, long since gone.

I spotted in the bottom of my filing cabinet the Leuchtturn1917 metallic notebook, in hardback and bronze colour. I then spotted whilst looking for something else that the brand now did A5 and A6 slim notebooks in paperback, within the same metallic series. As they were reasonably priced I ordered them. Each arrived as a set of two and came with the labels. I have used both A5 and one of the smaller ones.

As I was about to order another set of smaller ones I spotted another Leuchtturn1917, in the regular colours but in A7 size, hardback and 169 pages. Far too small for my usual use, but ideal for my handbag to add things to when I am out and about. 

Also in my supply was this lovely hardback blue and white notebook from the make of Eccolo. I vaguely recall buying this TK Max probably not long after we moved, so about four years ago. It is a large book, 26cm x 13cm, so what is B5 size. The following notebook was this one by Caroline Gardener, in the B5 size, that ran from 1 April until the end of May.

Courtesy of Amazon

My June until the end of July notebook was this rather bright yellow/green Moleskine in softcover with plain paper.  When I purchased it I was not overly wowed with it and it sat on the top of my desk for several months, but it was actually a great notebook to work with, especially as I could roll the cover back.

Courtesy of Amazon

My notebook from the beginning of May until June was one that came recommended to me.

This is by the make of Emshoi, who produced a fabulous notebook. This is in the B5 size (19 cm x 25cm), ruled, with a pen loop. The paper is 100gsm and available in a series of colours as you can see from the image. There is a back pocket and this comes with some divider sticky notes and has two bookmarks. There is a contents page at the front. The paper is in a lovely smooth ivory. I have done a pen test and there is ghosting with some of the heavy pens, even Sharpie pens are ok with this notebook.

Copyright – Julie Goucher, June 2022

Two recent additions, which were gifts – from a friend who knows my notebook obsession. The book on the left is similar size to the Caroline Gardner book above and the other, A5 part of the Victoria and Albert collection of William Morris notebooks. It is paperback, no bells and whistles of book marks or back pockets, and will last me about a month, hopefully.

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  1. lunnfran says:

    I love getting new notebooks and supplies to use. Is the Facebook Group for the Book of Me by You still active? I had requested to join some time ago and just repeated my request and have never been admitted to the group


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