European Ancestors – British in Russia (Part 8)

Russian Flag

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This post is part of a series of 10 posts about the British Community in Russia. You can read the complete series HERE

The material found at Leeds University Archives was created on 25 May 1982 by the Brotherton Library and the Department of Russian Studies at Leeds University.

The collection is a really rich resource and in bringing it all together in this format enabled the archive to attract other material. The archives contain over 300 collections, ranging from single items through to significant collections. There is no original documents for the period of 16-18th Centuries, but there are some copies, in additional to large collections relating to some of the merchant dynasties.

  • Surnames in the collection relating to the 18th Century:

Bell, Call, Cazalet, Fanshawe, Hill, Hubbard, Hyam, Manners, Wishaw, Cattley

  • Surnames in the collection relating to the 19th Century:

Armitstead, Carrick, Coates, Gaubert, Howard, Johnson, McGill, Macpherson, Shanks, Smith, Swan & Swann, Thomson & Thornton

  • Surnames in the collection relating to the 20th Century:

Astbury, Atack, Barnard, Beavan, Bennett, Berney, Birse, Brooke, Brown, Cale, Carr, Carnock, Cheshire, Cottam, Crawshaw, Deacon, Everleigh, Fullard, Gibson, Hargreaves, Harris, Healey, Hilton, Hird, Hopper, Hughes, Isherwood, Jobling,Kinnear, Knox, Lunn, Mackie, Marshall, Martin, Matthews, Maude, Mirrielees, Moreley, Muir, Nicolson, Peet, Philip, Pickersgill, Ross, Sara, Seaburn, Shaw, Spearing, Stevenson, Templeton, Tong, Walcot, Wordell, Webster, White, Whitehead, Yates.

  • Additional Papers & Collections for the 20th Century:

Randsome – Writer Arthur Ransome relating to his time as a war correspondent

Paget – Lady Muriel and the staff at the Anglo Russian Hospital in Pettograd & Southern Front

Rev Frank North of St Andrew’s Church in Moscow

  • Surnames in the collection who fought in Russia as part of the Allied Intervention 1918-1920

Appleyard, Cheshire, Church, Fenton, Hayes, Hodges, Horrocks, Lumb, Mathers, Moore, Schuster, Shepherd, Smith

You can read the complete series, of the British Community in Russia HERE

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