European Ancestors – British in Russia (Part 7)

Russian Flag

Russian Flag courtesy of Wikipedia

This post is part of a series of 10 posts about the British Community in Russia. You can read the complete series HERE

  • 18th Century births, marriages and deaths are located in either of two venues
    • The National Archives (TNA) (Kew, London)
      • Foreign Office (FO) records FO 378/3-9
      • Misc BMD Abroad 1627-1917 RG43/1
    • The Guildhall Library
  • The Anglican churches located in Russia, held under the Diocese of London can be found at the Guildhall Library. These include:
    • Moscow 1825-1962
    • Odessa & South Russia 1883-1918
    • Riga 1806-1918 (now part of Latvia, but the City was previously Russian)
  • Consular Correspondence at TNA:
    • St Petersburg 1801-1979 in series FO 181
    • Moscow 1857-1940 in series FO 447
    • Early material 1565-1780 SP 91
    • Foreign Office General Material 1781-1905 FO 65
    • Foreign Office General Material Post 1905 FO 371
    • Shipping at Kronstadt (near St Petersburg) FO 184
    • Wills of British Residents 1817-1866 FO 184
    • Baptismal Registers of the English & American Congregational Church Alexandroffsky, St Petersburg – RG33/146  – The Church was dedicated in 1840 for employees of Alexandroffsky Mechanical works & Thornton Woollen Mills
    • Burials of the German Colony also in RG33/146
  • Records of Evacuations from Russia post 1918 Series FO 371 & FO 369 which contains lists of Evacuees and might include descriptions of journeys made by some families or individuals
  • Finland Consulate Records FO 511
  • Russia was one of the few places prior to 1914 that required traveller’s to have a passport – FO 611

You can read the complete series, of the British Community in Russia HERE

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