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Homeyards Botanical Gardens Shaldon

Homeyard Botanical Gardens Shaldon, a set on Flickr. Despite the forecast for Sunday to be sunny with cloud, the sun was only around for an hour or so. The clouds appeared and it was overcast for the rest of the … Continue reading

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The Orangery, Teignmouth

A few weeks ago the local town guide plopped through the letterbox. Truth be told, I usually have a flick through then drop it into the library next time I am in and leave it on one of the tables. … Continue reading

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Tea Cup Tuesday – Millennium Mug 2000

Following on from last week’s Tea Cup Tuesday mug. Made from the same pottery and probably purchased from the same shop locally. This is a lovely addition to my Millennium collection. As I am sure there was the world over, … Continue reading

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Tea Cup Tuesday – Total Eclipse August 1999

In my kitchen breakfast room I have a couple of beams. I can’t recall exactly when, but at some point in the past we had hooks placed into the beams and then I have hung mugs and cups from them. … Continue reading

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Mules Park at Eastcliffe

Inspired by an article in the local paper about Mules Park we decided to explore. In the time we have lived here we had never heard of it. We had a lovely walk, despite the weather being miserable and Alfie … Continue reading

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Living in a church…..

The weekly free paper usually plops through the letterbox on Thursday evenings, we know when it has arrived when Alfie, our Border Terrier, who makes up for his size with personality, barks to advise that something is happening at the … Continue reading

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