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Carnival Of Genealogy 121 – Great Discoveries

Over the years there have been so many wonderful discoveries. We can I am sure, all identify with those moments when it seems that time has stood completely still as we see in front of us a document or record … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 120 – Business and Commerce

My Grandmother always said “Uncle Joe had a shop and he went to Canada, but they didn’t like it so they came back”  – It is not much to go on, but I did establish who Uncle Joe was and just … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 118:Reading

As I sit and write this post I am in my study surrounded by books and genealogical papers. There are other things too of course, but books and genealogy are my main passions. I can’t remember my first book. I … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 117 – 1940!

Like many researchers, I was quite excited when the 1940 Federal US Census was released. After all, we only had one known family who would have been recorded in the Census and that was my husband’s Great Grandmother, her second … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 116 – Picture/Story for Women’s History Month.

This pretty young woman is my Great Great Aunt, Emma Jane Harris, although she was born to her parents just before they married!Emma Jane was born on the 1st November 1864 in Puttenham Surrey the daughter of Henry Harris and … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 115 – Flash Family History

Write 300 words per family line . I am focusing on my 8 maternal  Grandparents. Charles Butcher & Sarah Ockley  – Charles Butcher was born in the parish of Wonersh Surrey in 1823. He was the son of John Butcher … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 114: Creative Gene’s iGene Awards for 2011!

This is the first year I have taken part in the iGene awards. I hope you enjoy revisiting these posts, which are a selection from 2011. Best Comedy  There is not especially lots of humour at Anglers Rest blog. Hopefully, … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 112 – An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Here in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. We do, or we did when I was at school take part in Harvest Festivals.  For this Carnival of Genealogy are am going to do some imaging, based up the facts surrounding … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 111 – Autumn Weddings

The 4th November represents the 72nd anniversary of my beloved Grandparents, Lilian Edith Matthews to George Butcher. I would love to be able to illustrate this post with a photograph of the happy couple, but sadly I can not, as … Continue reading

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Carnival Of Genealogy 110 – What Tree Are You?…..

‘What tree best represents your family’s history? Is your family most like a towering redwood, weeping willow, or a stately oak?  Maybe you think of your family more like a brightly lit Christmas tree or a tropical palm’ What a … Continue reading

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