Weekend Cooking – Chili Con Corpses by J B Stanley

I have missed the last few weekend cooking posts, just simply due to not being organised and the weekends of late being too short! My late contribution is a book review for Chili Con Corpses by J B Stanley.

I spotted this in the library a few weeks ago and was immediately tempted. I had not come across this series, A supper club mystery, and rather hoped that it was the first in the series, alas no, this is the third book. Thankfully I was more than half way through when I realised or I would have probably not read it until I sourced books one and two!

The central character of this, third book are James, a rather over weight divorced librarian who lives with his widowed father. When a group of friends join a supper club to learn various culinary delights, they find more than inspiration for recipes….

It all starts when Lindy, the friend who suggested the Supper Club and a local teacher takes a group of students on a field trip to some local caves. Meeting at a local restaurant the teachers, adult helpers and students mingle and then head off to the field trip. Once in the cave one of the newcomers to the area is discovered murdered…..

A nice book and I look forward to seeing if I can locate others in the series. As usual with the cozy mysteries the story is accompanied by a smattering of recipes, and even the chapters are titled by various food dishes. Here is an example of one of the recipes.

Milla’s Vegetable Paella Page 88

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5 Responses to Weekend Cooking – Chili Con Corpses by J B Stanley

  1. Heather says:

    Sounds like one of those stories you can really sink your teeth into.


  2. Carol says:

    I've not heard of this one, but books with a good story and somewhat food related is right up my alley!


  3. TheBookGirl says:

    When I read mysteries they are always cozies, and almost always food-related, so I am glad to have read this post as I had not heard about this series before 🙂
    I am off to find out if the library has the first one in the series. Thanks!


  4. Beth F says:

    This is my kind of cozy!


  5. Nan says:

    Oh, this sounds like a series I would love! I'll try and find the first one. Thank you!!


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