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Virtual Advent Tour – Kiva – Genealogists for Families Project

I am delighted to take part in the Virtual Advent Tour hosted by Marg & Kelly. This is the third time of taking part. It is a wonderful way to meet other bloggers and spread festive cheer! When I decided … Continue reading

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Blogging A-Z – April Challenge – K is for …..Kiva

A little earlier this week I made another loan through Kiva as part of the Genealogists for Families Team.  The loan was to a lady in Kenya, so you may well be asking what this has to do with my … Continue reading

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Blogging Awards & Some Thoughts

In the last week there has been numerous posts about awards and the value of them. You can read a really good discussion at Finding Eliza with a link to an article called Blogging Awards & SEO & a further posts and … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award

Last week I was nominated for this award by Vikki who blogs at The View Outside. Like Vikki, I am a little bit of an blog award rules breaker! So I am on this occasion not nominating this to other … Continue reading

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Illuminating Blog Award

In early June I was awarded the Illuminating Blog Award by Peggy at Musings of a MadCityWriter. I am always amazed that there is an interest in the ramblings that I write and that people enjoy what they read and … Continue reading

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Jubilee Time Capsule – Kiva Project – 28th September 2011

The following is a post that I submitted to the Jubilee Time Capsule. The genealogical community has always been a friendly and active one. Regardless of where perhaps you are in the Commonwealth, or even beyond, so many people have … Continue reading

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Sunshine Award

Thanks to Betsy of Remember……..a family history blog who gave me the award at the end of 2011. The rules are quite simple- Thank the person who gave you the award Answer 10 questions Pass the award along to 10 … Continue reading

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Leap Years, and a reflective thought.

Leap Years are needed to keep our calenders in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions. If we did not have an extra day every four years we would loose 6 hours from our calendar every year, which means that after 100 … Continue reading

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Guest Post at ‘Genealogists for Families’ Project

Judy, who is the project developer and coordinator at the “Genealogists for Families” Project invited me to be a guest on the project blog today. You can read my Guest post HERE. To find out more about the wonderful project click … Continue reading

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Beyond the Internet Week 4: Donations and Subscriptions

I can not recall where I have found any evidence that my family made a donation to a public subscription. So I shall use a modern example. A few years ago, I found on line a reference made to an … Continue reading

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