Wigtown – #50Before50


Copyright – Julie Goucher 2019

Languishing on my Before 50 list was a visit to the Wigtown. For those who love to read may well know Wigtown for the being the National book town in Scotland. So when an opportunity to head north of the border popped up we choose Wigtown, although we had missed the 2019 festival.

Wigtown Book Town

Copyright – Julie Goucher 2019

The festival dates for 2020 are 25 September – 4 October and you can read about the festival HERE.

I had been to the town before and even managed to explore one or two of the bookshops! but I had never managed to explore for that long, for a variety of reasons. We arrived in the town on the day of their Christmas tree lighting which was a bitterly cold day. It was so cold that even I was forced to wear a hat!

Wigtown Tree

Copyright Julie & Stuart Goucher  2019 – Wigtown Christmas Tree

I got chatting to a local who had moved to the town recently, having spent 20 years living in France. Whilst she loved France, she felt it was the right time to come back to the UK and selected Wigtown. Whilst I loved the town, it is not somewhere I would want to live, sadly. Just because the roads are dreadful – Dumfries to Wigton takes over an hour, mainly because of the roads and vehicles over 7.5 tonne have to drive at 40 miles per hour, so there is no “quick trip”!

We did manage to do a little Christmas shopping, meet up with my husband’s family and spent some time resting and just being away from home. We stayed in a super apartment and I will write a post about that and several other things separately in the coming days. The apartment is most recommended, so stay tuned!

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