Advent – Day 14

Merry Christmas image – from the collection of Julie Goucher, 2021

Copyright – Julie Goucher, 2010

The collection of tree ornaments we have, are ones that we bought from our first Christmas together, 30 years ago. As each is hung on the tree a memory is evoked.

Copyright – Julie Goucher, 2010

There are others that were given to us by my Mum and each year we buy at least one ornament to keep the tradition going. We tend to go for the red, gold and green, but there are some others that have special meanings to us, such as a Spode china Millennium bauble (pictured right) which always has pride of place, and a gold bell (pictured left) which has a picture of a Border Terrier on the side ,which we bought the first Christmas we lost our lovely Monty in 2008.

Copyright – Julie Goucher, 2010

We also have a lovely set of the Lilliput Lane tree decorations as my husband has a collection of the bigger houses, and especially likes the snowy and wintery ones.

The decorations that we had when I was a child were with my Mum, including this fairy that my Grandfather purchased. My Mum was quite specific, about who purchased the fairy and it was only when I was preparing this post that I wondered if it was bought for my Grandmother whose birthday was on the 18 December, sadly I won’t ever know.

Copyright – Julie Goucher, 2010

When my Mum passed away we kept most of the ornaments, including this fairy. They live in several boxes in the loft.

The fact that Christmas is an annual event perhaps means that the traditions and things we use to illustrate Christmas, such as trees and decorations might change, whilst still being retained – effectively using the same decorations in a different way, and that might be driven by other changes, such as moving house. In turn that might mean that trees stand in a different spot in relation to other objects, like televisions or sofa’s. It might also mean that trees become artificial rather than real, or vice-versa.

We moved house about four years ago and my lounge has a bay window, as my last lounge did, but in my current house the windowsill is much deeper. We do a display there and there might be a picture later in this series.

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