European Ancestors – Understanding France (18) The New Regime Phase 4

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Flag adopted 15 Feb 1794

This post is part of a series about genealogy in France. You can read the complete series HERE.

As the war entered this fourth phase:

  • France reoccupied Belgium
  • The National Convention began to debate the new Constitution.
  • Royalist tried to seize Paris, but were heavily opposed by General Napoleon Bonaparte, leading to
  • The National Convention collapsing.
  • The Rhineland and Holland occupied.
  • In 1795 Holland, Tuscany, Prussia and Spain negotiated for Peace.
  • France, under Bonaparte entered Italy in 1796, Sardinia quickly negotiated terms.
  • Austria was the last nation to agree to the Treaty of Campo Formio in 1797.
  • Countries occupied became “Sister Republics” with their Constitutions modelled on Revolutionary France.
  • Peace in Europe did not remain.
  • In 1798-99 France occupied Switzerland, the Papal states, Naples and set up Republics:
    • Helvetic (1798-1803)
    • Roman (1798-1799)
      • Pope into Exile, and reinstated in 1801
    • Parthenopean (1799-1802)
  • Great Britain remained at war with France
  • Bonaparte threatened the British by occupying Egypt and Malta.
  • Second Coalition formed:
    • Austria, Russia, Turkey and Great Britain all successfully driving Bonaparte back into mainland France.

This was deemed to be the end of the Revolution by Bonaparte, but the reality was, it was about to gain momentum, spreading in new forms across Europe.

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