European Ancestors – Understanding France (12) Causes of Revolution

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Flag adopted 15 Feb 1794

This post is part of a series about genealogy in France. You can read the complete series HERE.

The causes of the Revolution can be defined into five core points:

  1. The Bourgeoisie (Middle class who typically held view or social behaviour aligning with Capitalists) resented the exclusions from positions of honour or political power.
  2. Those labelled as peasants were aware of the situation, becoming less and less happy to support the feudal system.
  3. French participation in the American Revolution had caused France to be on the brink of bankruptcy.
  4. A country with a significant population, more so in France than elsewhere in Europe were impacted by a number of factors. Crops failing in 1788, added to the significant economical issues already being experienced.
  5. French monarchy not seen as being divinely ordained and were unable to adapt to political and social pressures that were faced with.

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