Farnham Papers – Removal Orders (4)

Farnham Papers (3)

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  • Sophia SMITH, single woman from Greenwich Kent – 2 April 1792
  • Charlotte GREEN aged 7 from Binstead Southampton – 5 May 1792
  • Mary BICKNELL wife or widow of William “who has not been seen or heard of for 11 years” to Binstead Southampton – 19 January 1793
  • George DENYER from Chiddingfold Surrey – 3 January 1795
  • James STONE to Egham Surrey – 21 April 1798
  • Thomas COX to Egham Surrey – 4 March 1802
  • Francis WHITE and his wife from Woodford Essex – 4 March 1802
  • Maria STOCK aged 24 an unmarried woman with child. Removal delay because of her advanced pregnancy. £13.15.6 Requested of Farnham for her keep until 22 Jan 1805 – 13 November 1804 (Reciept attached to the record)
  • Examination of Maria STOCK, John EDWARDS, Butler to Mr Sherridan the true and only father of the said bastard.

The Examination is a sworn statement made by the individual, in this case Maria, before a magistrate. The Removal Order was a warrant transferring a pauper to a place of legal settlement. The Act in 1662 enabled and indeed ordered the removal of strangers if they were likely to become chargeable on the parish. The Act of 1704/5 prohibited removal, unless the individual had become chargeable.

From this, Farnham was identified as Maria STOCK’s usual place of settlement and this was confirmed by the baptism register for St Andrews parish in Farnham where Maria was baptised on 29 June 1782, the daughter of Richard and Ann Stock (FHL Film 800470). This was further confirmed because the host parish asked for a payment from Farnham.

Reference Points:

  1. Where the reference states to, that means from Farnham to that parish
  2. Where the reference states from, that means removal from that parish to Farnham.

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