Naming Patterns

Naming Patterns

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Naming patterns across Europe tend to following this pattern. In England this happens less though. It is however common for parents to name offspring after themselves.

  • 1st son – after the paternal Grandfather
  • 2nd son – after the maternal Grandfather
  • 1st daughter – after the paternal Grandmother
  • 2nd daughter – after the maternal Grandmother

Certainly in Italy it is very important to adhere to this and therefore, you sometimes see the names repeating, perhaps as a second given name to a sibling.

It is also common to find those of the Catholic faith giving second given names to children to use the name Maria for baby boys!

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2 Responses to Naming Patterns

  1. Carrie-Anne says:

    As a name nerd, I feel sorry for people from cultures where such naming customs are all but legally enforced. It’s like letting your great-grandparents choose your children’s names instead of choosing original names you love. It can also be very frustrating to do genealogical research when most people in a family have the same dozen or so names over and over again.


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