Elstead and it’s Church by Rev Charles Kerry

This booklet was written by Charles Kerry Curate of Puttenham in 1879.

It was produced as a paper, just 11 pages long and read to the Surrey Archaeological Society.

The first and large pages have some handwriting by Kerry himself.

You can read a PDF of this copy of the paper HERE

You can read more about Charles Kerry and Puttenham at the One Place Study site located HERE

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6 Responses to Elstead and it’s Church by Rev Charles Kerry

  1. I have looked at that now. Thank you. Having now seen his photo I am sure I do not have a photo of him. In fact the email text I mentioned in the above comment resulted from correspondence with woman in NZ who had done a lot of Slater related research, and as I had quite a number of l800s ministers I had wondered if any of them were Kerry. I am sure to come across Kerry more now, that is just how things happen. So I will keep my eyes out for anything that may interest you. Some weeks ago, in organising my archives, I came across a printed sheet from a memorial or similar service in Reading. I wondered about it, so far from Derby, and put it back in the box. The problem is that I can't remember which ancestral box it was now, so it may be a few weeks until it surfaces again. I wonder if that had a Kerry connection..I want to find it again.


  2. Nigel,For my researching my ancestry includes those loose connections; I believe that sometimes it is those loose links that shape us into the people we become, even if not done directly.In the previous comments I told you to look at the side bar for Charles Kerry. Well I was replying via my iphone without glasses and told you to look in the wrong place. Look at this link on the Puttenham one place study – http://puttenham.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Charles%20Kerry – there is all the details I have on Kerry on line, which includes the pedigree that he wrote and is part of his manuscripts. The originals are at the Derbyshire Records office.


  3. It seems that I have Kerry's book on Smalley, Derbyshire, where he was born, as there is a very loose relationship. My Derby ancestors, who were Slaters, married into a Walker family from Derby, but more important, Walkers and Slaters were in business partneship together as builders in quite a big way in Derby at the end of the 1800s. I recovered the following text from an old email received 2002…… \”Charles Frederick Walker, born 30 Sep 1871 Bap at S Werburgh's Derby 17th November 1871. Married Mary Ann d of Phillip Brooks Chadfield- Printers,S Werburgh's, Derby.\” (the year of marriage is not included). Noted opposite Mary Ann's details – \”The marriage service was choral and performed by Rev Chas Kerry his cousin, Rector of Upper Stondon, Beds.\” \”See p 203\”….. If 'his cousin' was not Mary Ann's father, but refers to Charles Frederick Walker, then he is a relative of either the Walker family, or Charles F. mother's HARDY family.So there is a relationship of some remoteness to Kerry, but whatever it was he seems to have had some good regard in the family, hence someone bought and took care of his book, as we have no particular other connection with the village of Smalley, as far as I know.


  4. I should also have said that Kerry kept a series of manuscripts about Puttenham which is the topic of my one place study. http://Www.puttenham.org.uk


  5. Nigel, good to 'see' you here & fabulous news about Charles Kerry. If you look on the side bar at the labels I think I have posted an article, a pedigree of his family (written by him) & a couple of photos. I will see what else I have on him. A fantastic coincidence. I will email across to you a copy of the Elstead book as I don't think I made it downloadable. The manuscripts he kept are a true delight. Do keep in touch.


  6. Well here I am at your Guildford site,after your good directions, and I find here a reference to Reverend Charles Kerry. From my bookshelf I have taken a copy of \”Smalley in the County of Derby Its History and Legends by the Rev Charles Kerry, Late Editor of The Derbyshire Archaeological Journal; Author of \”History of St Lawrence's Reading\”.Bemrose and Sons Ltd, Derby, 1905. Kerry was a relative of mine, but I have to say that at this very moment I cannot write more details accurately, but of course I will look into this and come back to you! A most interesting lead for me ! aspdin@gmail.com


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