Sepia Saturday – 163 Snow

The moment I saw that this week’s prompt was snow I  knew that I had to use this photo. This is from my Guildford and District collection. It is a photograph of Farnham Road at Guildford which was the main road to Farnham and it was along this road that was the most direct route to Puttenham
The photo is dated in the bottom right, and reads “Farnham Road, 28 Dec 1927
I know the recent snow here in parts of the UK had been challenging, but we don’t see Winters like this anymore and it was all coped with on a very different scale to these days.

Taking part in Sepia Saturday

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Genealogist, Author, Presenter, native Guildfordian, Pharos Tutor, lover of Books & History, Surnames, European Ancestors, Butcher & Orlando One-Name Studies, avid note taker and journal writer.
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15 Responses to Sepia Saturday – 163 Snow

  1. It can be bleak. I can remember coming across the Hogs Back, which is the venue for this photo, about a day before the storm hit in 1987. It was really blowing a gale and despite the trees it was really open. I have also traveled across that road in the snow, it had just started and was horrid. It was coming down thick and fast and the heater in the car was on. We are certainly lucky these days.


  2. When I bought this card, my husband who grew up in Scotland said, that much snow was like his childhood days. Real drifts of snow. Of course, despite what they tell us we get much less snow that we used to!


  3. I agree it was a bad day for someone. Must have been inportant to go out in that weather!


  4. Well you are getting to know a nice (and expensive) area Nigel. This is indeed the Hogs back, my family was originally from Puttenham and my Grandfather was born in Wanborough where the family farmed until 1930. They then moved to Onslow Village and farmed at Manor Farm there, which is the land the University now sits on.


  5. Yes Mike, this is the Hogs back. It must have been bleak up there then. Defintely a shame no longer in Surrey. Transplanted to Devon, but Surrey will always be home!


  6. TICKLEBEAR says:

    Judging by this picture,
    I daresay someone had a bad day!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  7. My daughter is at the University of Surrey in Guildford, so I am getting to know that area. I think its the Hog's Back, a wonderful ridge with fantastic views north and south, (were it not now such a busy trunk road). It always reminds me that I must take my walking boots down there and explore the area on foot this summer.

    I can imagine that the snow would really drift up there as it appears to have done. I think the hedges and trees that are there now were not there then to stop the drifting.



  8. ScotSue says:

    That is some snow – how did people get out of it then? A great photo for the theme.


  9. tony says:

    Fair Play To whoever was brave enough to take this photo in those conditions!Yes, we just dont see this amount of snow anymore.


  10. Brett Payne says:

    I'm glad I haven't had the need to dig muself out of any snowbanks like that. Seems to me like the best solution for that one was to wait until summer!


  11. Mike Burnett says:

    It looks high up there is it the Hog's Back? Must have been a hardy soul to ride out on a day like that hardly any protection and no heating.

    Shame your no longer in Surrey we could have formed a local branch on the International Brotherhood of Bloggers


  12. Little Nell says:

    It looks pretty bleak though. It must have been hard back then.


  13. Alan Burnett says:

    Yes, I suspect we have become very soft these days and tend to think of s sprinkling of snow as being chaotic. I suppose we all tend to drive more and therefore it has a greater impact on us.


  14. That is deep! Nice picture.

    Kathy M.


  15. Kristin says:

    That is quite a bit of snow! I've never been in snow that deep. I don't think I have. but maybe most of it is piled up from plowing the road and the car ran into it? I hope so anyway.


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