Weekend Cooking – Recipe Journals Part One

Every time Beth posts about her cookery journals I am always quite envious and it was the same with this week’s post. With that in mind I turned to my own journal which I know I have mentioned before in an earlier post.

Not long after we moved in together I purchased a very plain notebook from the newsagents opposite the supermarket in Sutton where we lived at the time. The notebook was to use for the recipes and cooking notes I had scattered about the kitchen.

That was in 1993 and since then I have added to the collection – those cut out of the newspaper, those that have been scribbled on a note paper by former colleagues and one or two from my Mum. Not to mention the recipes that I have stumbled, across along the way.
The notebook is very functional; there are pencil crossings as I have added ingredients to a dish when making it. I have also added each year a note about when & where I have bought the Turkeyfor Christmas, how many it was feeding and the price. Now, just why I do that I have no idea, even my own Mum thinks it’s a bit obsessive as she doesn’t do it.

So, it occurs to me that this old and battered notebook, which is almost full is 20 years old, and perhaps should be laid to rest and my thoughts are now turning to a new note book or journal.
I plan to give it a bit of thought this week, so stay tuned for next week’s post.

About Julie Goucher

Genealogist, Author, Presenter, native Guildfordian, Pharos Tutor, lover of Books & History, Surnames, European Ancestors, Butcher & Orlando One-Name Studies, avid note taker and journal writer.
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7 Responses to Weekend Cooking – Recipe Journals Part One

  1. I won't Pauline, there is quite a few memories within the covers.


  2. It's amazing how much they have gone up!


  3. My mum kept/keeps hers in a journal book. I have tried cards but now mostly use copies/clippings in display folders. Whatever you do Julie, don't throw out that book…it is such an heirloom!


  4. Beth F says:

    I love the idea of writing down where you got your turkey. I also keep notes of who I served what dishes to and the date — It's fun to look back on that.


  5. Sue Jackson says:

    What a nice tradition. I have 2 notebooks – just plain old spiral notebooks like kids use for school – for writing down my own recipes and 2 big 3-ring binders for pasting in clipped recipes. Plus over 10 years' of Cooking Light magazines and an Excel spreadsheet for favorite recipes and recipes I want to try! Kind of a large, varied system!


    Book By Book


  6. Oh I wish I had thought to do something like this, I am envious of you.


  7. What a wonderful thing to have. I'm sure it's full of many memories. I'm far too disorganized to do something like this, LOL!


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