Sepia Saturday 128

As we are having the Jubilee weekend here in the UK it seemed fitting to share this photo, which I may have shared before.

This a photograph of the Coronation Parade taken 2nd June 1953. The reverse of the photograph is written by late Great Aunt Dorothy May nee Butcher. The man holding the horse is her brother, my Great Uncle Dick, who was christened Percy in Wanborough in 1906. 
My Uncle moved to Horley with his wife Molly nee BEST, so it could have been taken in Horley, but a hunch tells me it is Manor Farm at Guildford.
Uncle looks a bit stern, so perhaps there was not too much singing!
Taking part in Sepia Saturday
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6 Responses to Sepia Saturday 128

  1. Little Nell says:

    Well if it says ‘under arrest’ I’m not surprised he looks a bit stern! You could write a story around this photo Julie!


  2. How great to be involved in the coronation. How many people can say that?


  3. Brett Payne says:

    That policeman looks a bit of a laugh – almost a caricature.


  4. Jana Last says:

    Very cool photo from the past! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Anna says:

    That photo is a treasure for sure!


  6. Sharon says:

    The bike in the background is bringing back memories for me. I remember threading streamers through the wheels of my bike …but unfortunately I can't remember why. I'll be trying to remember all night now 🙂


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