Sepia Saturday 121 – Flight

Continuing the theme of Australia for the A-Z Challenge, you can read my posts HERE, whilst following the theme for Sepia Saturday. 
This is a photograph from Archive Flight Magazine in 1971 showing the Royal Australian Flying Doctor Service.

Taking part in Sepia Saturday

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13 Responses to Sepia Saturday 121 – Flight

  1. I wonder if the flying doctor show that Bob mentioned is the same one we had in the US. I'd forgotten about it.

    These days we often have the emergency helicopter fly over the house on its way to the hospital.

    I love the look on the kids face in this shot.


  2. Karen S. says:

    Wow, I know these kinds of services existed, but I do think this is a new one to me. Now a days they use helicopter to transport people to hospitals and etc.


  3. We've had two posts about the helpful pilots and planes in Australia. What a great service they provide.


  4. Alan Burnett says:

    I think you are the first one to link to the Flying Doctor service, its a great link and a great old photograph.


  5. Anglers Rest says:

    Thank you Holly, nice to see your here! How do you lucky Meme someone?


  6. Christine H. says:

    Great service. Poor little guy. I hope he was O.K.


  7. Wonderful blog. I lucky Meme'd you, mentioned you on my site, and joined your blog. Holly


  8. Kristin says:

    Nice to see planes used for healing instead of bombing.


  9. Little Nell says:

    Like Bob, this was also my introduction to this wonderful service. That’s an interesting picture you have posted.


  10. Bob Scotney says:

    I used to watch the Flying Doctors series regularly on TV. Good photo.


  11. Anglers Rest says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Yes, but Flying Doctors are really more than that. They run clinics in remote parts of Australia and in some cases help with deliveries of small bits and pieces. They are providing a vital service to remote areas.


  12. That is cool … like a flying ambulance?

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

    Kathy M.


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