Blogging A-Z – April Challenge – A is for …..

A is for……Australia

Map Courtesy of Lonely Planet

One of the most inspiring Countries that I have ever visited. 
I am of course biased, as I lived in this beautiful Country for a year about 20 years ago, but I have some really special memories of that time, the places I went to, the people I met and my family who looked after me, introduced me to their friends and allowed me to sleep and use the washing machine and plan my next steps. I have visited since then, each trip special in its own way.
Over the course of the coming weeks I shall use the A-Z Challenge to explore my links to this wonderful Country.
The link for the A-Z Challenge 2011 post is HERE

About Julie Goucher

Genealogist, Author, Presenter, native Guildfordian, avid note taker and journal writer. Lover of Books, Stationery & History; Surnames, European Ancestors, Butcher & Orlando One-Name Studies, Pharos Tutor for all One-Name Studies and surname courses.
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7 Responses to Blogging A-Z – April Challenge – A is for …..

  1. Anglers Rest says:

    Actually, my theme is dominated by genealogical or historical links, but all. There is mention to a recent, within the last few weeks, that I have itching to blog about, but have paced myself, so it can appear here first!

    Last year I was random in my posts, the common denominator was things or people that meant something to me. This year I have this theme and I have a plan for next year. I just need to remember it!

    I am wondering whether to stand on the A-Z blog sidelines of the cassmob blog doing the football chant to encourage. lol!


  2. Anglers Rest says:

    You are biased, but quite rightly so!


  3. Anglers Rest says:

    Lucky you! Most of the posts have a genealogical or historical thread to them, but not all of them!


  4. cassmob says:

    Julie, I look forward to seeing your stories about Oz. I'm weighing up whether to get involved in this exercise. Thinking about family history places (I have a one track mind). It's that or places I've travelled (sometimes those two come together!) Dunno, but will enjoy yours 🙂


  5. Hunter Emkay says:

    Having just moved recently to live in Sydney (from the UK), I'm glad I discovered this entry for the A to Z. I'll be following with interest.


  6. Aillin says:

    Julie, I look forward to following your A-Z blog challenge about Australia during April. I won't disagree with your statement “One of the most inspiring countries” but I am ofcourse also biased 🙂


  7. Anna Smith says:

    This is one country I'd definitely love to visit, so much beauty and wildlife, would be great fun 🙂

    Universal Gibberish


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