Weekend Cooking – Bacon & Egg Surprise!

This recipe was originally produced with breakfast in mind. I thought, that this would make an interesting change to a quick dinner, and made a few adjustments!

The first thing I did was pop some goose fat in the oven to melt and then added some potato to it, cut up, rather like small roast potato or sauté potato.

I then extracted the mushroom, bacon and egg and tomato from the fridge and turned on what I knew when I lived in Australia as a fry pan. It’s a pan, electric and does not specifically need any fat. I regularly cook bacon in mine and never use any fat! So, I added the bacon to the fry pan and let it cook. Once cooked I took out of the pan and placed on a plate.

I then extracted the tomato’s from the vines and cut them in half and placed in the fry pan. I sprinkled with ground pepper and added a drizzle of olive oil. There is something wonderful of smell of fresh tomato complete with the vine.

I then cut up the mushroom, again a smattering of ground pepper and added to the pan.

Then I prepared a muffin tray. There was three of us for dinner, so that was six slices of bread, with crusts removed and then placed into a greased muffin dish. Press firmly down in the middle. Then crack the egg over the slice of bread and add a slice of bacon to each of the muffin sections. Pop in the oven on 190 or 375 degrees for between 10-17 minutes, depending on how runny you like the egg yolk.

The muffin tin was not the best tray. It needed something with a wider diameter, as I lost some of the egg white.

…..And here is the finished dinner. Hubby scored it 10/10 so I guess it must have been okay!

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About Julie Goucher

Genealogist, Author, Presenter, native Guildfordian, Pharos Tutor, lover of Books & History, Surnames, European Ancestors, Butcher & Orlando One-Name Studies, avid note taker and journal writer.
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5 Responses to Weekend Cooking – Bacon & Egg Surprise!

  1. Joy says:

    Those are very pretty!

    Joy's Book Blog


  2. Beth F says:

    I think I'd give it a 10/10 too. Looks so good. I haven't had cooked (fried or broiled) tomatoes for breakfast since I liked in the UK. I wonder why it's not more common in the US.


  3. Uniflame says:

    That is a great weekend breakfast! 🙂 I would leave out the bacon because I don't eat meat. But it is a lovely idea 🙂

    Here is my weekend cooking 🙂


  4. Another great idea I can take to the cabin.


  5. I'd have to agree with your hubby (based on photos alone) – looks delish!


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