Now & Then by Jacqueline Sheehan

The cover and the first pages of the book indicates a nice, cozy read focusing on a family and the paths their lives take. I was pleasantly surprised.

Anna is a lawyer who has ditched her job as a tries to reinvent herself following a divorce. A trip to Ireland with a friend she leaves a stately home and is given a package by a stranger. Upon arriving at home, back in the States, she learns from her mother that her brother has had a serious accident on the way to get his son from police custody.

Anna heads to the hospital and sees her brother and then seeks to understand the events surrounding his accident. She then leaves to travel to the detention centre to retrieve her nephew. Once home, Anna and her nephew Joseph head off to bed to recover from a tough day or so. During the night, Anna wakes up to find Joseph going through her suitcase, still packed from her trip to Ireland. As Anna challenges Joseph, something happens and upon wakening the two find themselves plunged back into 1844 Ireland……

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