Blogging A-Z – April Challenge – V is for …..

V is for …..Voting

About a fortnight ago this plopped through my letterbox

And then yesterday the postal voting forms arrived.

As I sat and marked my X against those that I was supporting I pondered on the hardships and achievements of women of previous generations. Those that had fought passionately and in some cases gave their lives for a cause that they believed in, that women of adulthood and all social standings should have the vote and that their belief should not be silenced. That women were equal to men.

The generation of my nieces and nephew have been born into a world where voting is a simply a matter of course. This was not always the case and we should not forget that.

About Julie Goucher

Genealogist, Author, Presenter, native Guildfordian, Pharos Tutor, lover of Books & History, Surnames, European Ancestors, Butcher & Orlando One-Name Studies, avid note taker and journal writer.
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