Weekend Cooking – Pie in the Sky

Readers here in the UK may remember a crime series called Pie in the Sky which was broadcast on the BBC during 1994 – 1997. The series is currently doing a rerun on the ITV 3 channels each weekday evening at 7.45pm.
The series centres around Henry Crabbe, a police detective, Margaret Crabbe wife of Henry who is an accountant. Together they also run a restaurant called Pie in the Sky. 
Henry is the long suffering underling to Freddy Fisher who is fairly senior in the police and who likes to get Henry to do his donkey work for him. When things go well, Fisher takes the credit and when no so well, Henry gets lots of hassle. Henry is old school and is waiting to start retirement, and is simply longing to spend every hour of the day in his wonderful restaurant.
More details about the series are HERE and HERE. This is simple entertainment and is just what the chef ordered!
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10 Responses to Weekend Cooking – Pie in the Sky

  1. Beth F says:

    Oh wow. This is new to me and now I must see if we can rent this in the U.S. Sounds like my kind of series. Fun.


  2. Rikki says:

    I have seen it a few times and really liked it.


  3. Margot says:

    I'm sorry we don't get it here in California. I will check to see if it's available on dvd as some shows seem to be available that way.


  4. Nan says:

    I love it, I love it!! I especially love it that Margaret is so NOT a foodie and it drives him crazy. For your American commenters, the series is available from Netflix. Thanks for writing about this great show.


  5. Anglers Rest says:

    You are right, Margaret is not a foodie. I watched one of the series this week in which she thought a sweet apple pie was steak & kidney, The look on Henry's face was a true picture. When he challenged her, Margaret simply replied she was hungry. Fabulous!


  6. Nan says:

    And then there's one where he makes something he thinks is so special, with an improvised new ingredient, and he waits like a child for her to notice, and of course she doesn't. :< )


  7. TheBookGirl says:

    This looks like something I would enjoy, and I had not heard of it before. I am in the US, so I have to see how I might be able to watch it..thanks!


  8. This sounds wonderful! I've really been enjoying the BBC programs that I get from Netflix. They are like taking a bit of a vacation!


  9. Jim's Girl says:

    I miss that show. I haven't seen it in ages. Whenever I see the actors who played Crabbe, Margaret or Freddy in another show or movie, I feel like I've just run into an old friend.


  10. Judy Webster says:

    Sometimes when I see a show again many years later I don't enjoy it as much because my tastes have changed, but I did enjoy the 'Pie in the Sky' re-runs. Australia's digital channel 7TWO has lots of my favourite British TV shows from way back.


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