In My Mailbox – Week 5

Despite my husband failing to believe me, I do not constantly buy books. However….

A couple of weeks ago I spotted on a well known auction site a rather amazing scrapbook relating to a distant branch of my family. I watched the item for a week, daring to read each day what the current bid was at. Last Sunday evening was the finish line and I placed my bid, and waiting to see if anyone else was planning to bid. Thankfully no one did, and Friday the scrapbook arrived. It spans the entire political career of my distant ancestor from 1868 – 1874. I sat Saturday morning and looked through the book wondering just who had collected the items, was it a Victorian fan, or perhaps a family member? Maybe even the individual himself. I think I have now worked it out, but more on that later. In the meantime, a little glimpse at the scrapbook!
The only other book to arrive this week has been the latest book by Christina Courtenay called the Scarlet . I won this through an competition on a blog – eating the strangest thing. You can read about my entry HERE.
Rather impressively, I called into the library on my way home and left with NO books! so that has been a small step, at least until next week!
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1 Response to In My Mailbox – Week 5

  1. Dizzy C says:

    That was a good find on the auction site.

    Glad the book arrived. Enjoy.



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