Dead Angler by Victoria Houston

This is the first book in what looks to be a promising series.

Paul Osbourne, or as he in known in Loon Lake, Doc, is starting to fish again. He is recommended to spend sometime with Lou who is excellent at fishing…..Lou is not the man Doc is expecting, but a divorced woman and the local police chief and called Lew.

While on the initial fishing trip Doc stumbles over what he thinks is a truck of wood only to find that it is a body, the body of a school friend of his daughter. What could have been passed off an a tragic accident is spotted by Doc as suspicious based upon that the victim has had all her gold fillings removed! As they investigate the plot thickens…….

About Julie Goucher

Genealogist, Author, Presenter, native Guildfordian, avid note taker and journal writer. Lover of Books, Stationary & History; Surnames, European Ancestors, Butcher & Orlando One-Name Studies, Pharos Tutor for all One-Name Studies and surname courses.
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