Amish Country Crossroads by Beverly Lewis

26th September 2007 – The Postcard

I read a brief synopsis somewhere and was immediately interested in the storyline. I knew virtually nothing about the Amish religion & way of life, but a quick search of this web page gave some background information.

The Postcard is the story or Rachel. She is happily married with a son and daughter and is expecting her third child. They are all set to provide for their expanding family with talk of buying farm land, when on market day their horse is spooked and Rachel’s husband and son are killed in an accident. Rachel suffers a miscarriage and the effects from seeing the accident, affects her so that she becomes blind.

A young reporter sent to the region to undertake a story on the lives & beliefs of the Amish people. He checks into a guest house owned by Rachel’s parents and where Rachel and her daughter reside. In his room he enjoys the lovely old writing bureau, and on further investigation discovers a postcard.

The report, Philip sets about finding out about the postcard, who wrote it and who it was written to. The postcard writer, by coincidence is the Uncle of Rachel, with the help of someone within the community he locates the person for whom the postcard was intended.

A very gentile story of love and of the Amish way of life. There were biblical references, but the storyline was enjoyable and I particularly enjoyed the research theme.

27th September 2007 – The Crossroad

This continues the story of Rachel and her daughter Annie, living in the midst of an Amish community. Philip, the reporter who undertook an article in The Postcard has returned home and continues to think about Rachel and her blindness. He so much wants to help Rachel overcome her situation. Again another gentle story dealing with the Amish community, the beliefs of such a community.

28th September 2007 – The Sanctuary

Another story set in the Amish community, although not connected to the earlier two stories. This has more of a thriller style to it. Melissa is hiding for something. Happily married she has not shared her situation with her husband and suddenly she finds that she has to flea to safety. She arrives at a bed & breakfast in an Amish community and tries to overcome her situation and fears. She eventually makes contact with her link in the FBI and somehow finds that her beloved husband is caught up the world she is fleaing from.

Not as good a storyline as the earlier two, but nonetheless enjoyable.

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