Roots and All, A History of the Eaton & Hastings families by Dinah Eaton

From the back cover

“There are more skeletons and high dramas within Dinah Eaton’s family than most family historians could ever wish for. She has traced her own and her husband’s forebears back to the mid-eighteenth century with contributions from around the world. Family members, and lovers of family history, will find this a fascinating story. The story of the EATONS, firmly ensconced in Kent (Rochester and Gravesend), starts with George Eaton (1761) joining the West Kent Militia during the Napoleonic Wars. The MATTHEWS and MERRITT families were from Market Lavington in Wiltshire. William Merritt was an informer during the local Swing Riots in 1832. His illegitimate granddaughter was brought up by a member of the aristocratic Knollys family. The FINCHES from Aylesford and the GOODWINS from Northfleet (both in Kent) led more conventional lives and were pawnbrokers, publicans, coopers and thatchers. Generations of the HASTINGS family joined the Royal Navy. Charles (1788) was killed in Australia, son Charles was shipwrecked off Chile in 1835 and rescued by Captain FitzRoy of Beagle fame. The RAYNERS from Yorkshire had mining and medical connections. Follow the lives of six children orphaned in 1866 when both parents died. The HEATHS worked in the lace industry in Nottingham and the JONES were from Margate in Kent. Dinah’s German great great grandfather was a LOEWENSTEIN lost over-board in the North Sea in 1863. Later generations led chequered lives with intrigue and scandal which shocked the family in the early 1900s.”

The author’s web page is HERE

I’ve been asked to review this book for the Hampshire Genealogical Society, whose website is HERE

ISBN – 09552605-0-7

Here is my review:

At just under 500 pages, Roots and All, A History of the Eaton & Hastings families, is an impressive account of the author’s family and that of her husband. Complete with 30 genealogical trees indicating line of descent, 340 photographs, 12 maps & original pen & ink sketches. Thoroughly researched, indexed and footnoted, this is a fascinating account of the author’s family history and an ideal source of inspiration to fellow Genealogists, and not to mention a very enjoyable read!

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