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Murder by the Homeplace by William Leverne Smith

From the back cover “A police radio scanner call of ‘419’ – “dead human body” – on a bucolic fall afternoon in the south-central Missouri Ozarks small town of Oak Springs sends a part-time local newspaper reporter, Penny Nixon, on … Continue reading

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How to Write Good by John Vorhaus

This is the latest read for the Progressive Book Club. This was a quick read with only 104 pages, but this book does leave a lasting impression. A quote that I particularly liked was this one; “These days I can’t … Continue reading

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13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories by Dr Bill (William L) Smith

Yesterday I reviewed this great book by Bill Smith. Today I have a real treat. I have a digital copy of the book to give away – as this is an e-book the give away will be international. So what … Continue reading

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13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories by Dr Bill (William L) Smith

From the back cover “Dr. Bill enjoys telling and sharing ancestor stories and related family history social context. He has published four family histories, to date, with more in progress. For the latest on Dr. Bill, his writings and stories, … Continue reading

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The Persian Square by Iran Davar Ardalan

Introduction The moment I saw this book I was intrigued. As regular readers of my blog will note, I have a distant ancestor who died in the Gulf of Persia in 1812 and therefore whilst not a direct link with … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway – The Ficton Writer’s Handbook by Shelly Lowenkopf

The concept of this book is rather interesting and is laid out in dictonary format, and as such would not be read cover to cover, yet this is exactly what I recommend you do. This is a collection of  literary … Continue reading

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Cleveland’s West Side Market: 100 Years & Still Cooking by Laura Taxel, Marilou Suszko, Barney Taxel and Michael Symon

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to review this delightful book. Sadly I had the e-book version as this would have been a delight to have read in the flesh. The book has been thoroughly researched and explores … Continue reading

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Review – Through a Dusty Window: New York City Stories 1910-2001 by Delancey Stewart

This book had a rather familiar feel to it. The setting is a brownstone in New York. The same building features in this collection of fictional stories, each story set 10 years apart and tells a fictional account of the … Continue reading

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Pills, Thrills and Methadone Spills by Mr Dispenser

It was sometime during the course of last year that I became aware of a blog being written by Mr Dispenser. Over the course of a few weeks it became apparent that Mr Dispenser has like many of his pharmacy colleagues a … Continue reading

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The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene

Two women meet at a stall and are looking to buy the same vintage tea set. From that moment it is the formation of a friendship between them and, a third woman who is friends of one of the women. … Continue reading

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