Census, People and Genealogy – 1851 Census

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The 1851 Census moved on from the questions asked in the 1841 Census. As we can see, there is not much improvement in the description of the parish recorded at the start of the 1851 Census.

Census Returns of England and Wales, 1851.

There was additional questions asked of parishioners in the 1851 Census.

Census Returns of England and Wales, 1851.

The family we met yesterday in 1841 are now featured here, indicated by the * (red astrix). The family are listed as they were in 1841, although the family is a bit bigger, with the addition of three children, including my great great Grandmother Caroline who was born in 1844.

  • Place – in this case it is recorded as “the street”
  • Houses – this is either uninhabited or a building, or the second option is inhabited which this one is
  • Names of those who were inhabiting the property on the night of the census
    • George Ellis
    • Prudence Ellis
    • George Ellis
    • Harriott Ellis
    • Frederick Ellis
    • Caroline Ellis
    • MaryAnne Ellis
    • Edward Ellis
  • Age and sex (gender) – the age the enumerator was provided was “accurate” age – what he was told, which may or may not be accurate.
  • Profession, or trade – in this case, George is described as an “ag lab”
  • Where born –
  • Whether born blind, or deaf and dumb

In terms of data consistency, George in 1841 was shown as born outside the county of Surrey. In 1851 George was reported as being born in Dover Barracks, Kent.

The line indicated by a yellow arrow is pointing to the line below the family. It that household there was just one individual, Richard Budd who is recorded as married and aged 78 years of age. The household is recorded as number 23 on the schedule which is the same as the Ellis family, although Richard’s home is referenced as one house. I took this to mean that whilst the Ellis and Budd’s were living on the same plot of land, they were residing in two distinct properties. Richard Budd was Prudence’s father.

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