A-Z Challenge 2018 – Reviewing Data

a2z-h-smallMaterial is coming online at a phenomenal rate and yet what is online is only a fraction of what is available. Just as with our own genealogical research, with a One-Name Study you should review material:

  • What material you already have
    • Including what the material tells you in terms of
      • other people
      • their address
      • their relationship to your ancestor
  • What you are requiring
  • Has the material you are requiring, but do not have yet been made available?
  • Is there any new material that might help you confirm or disprove what you are hypothesising?

I keep an active workbook which has two worksheets:

  • Research Log
    • What I looked at and where I looked at it
    • What did I find and what did I NOT find which is just as important
  • To Do List
    • What do I need to look at next
    • Who does the material relate to. There is not point saying to look for Salvatore Orlando in New Orleans in 1930 if he has a son also called Salvatore, so I usually put the year of birth in brackets so I can distinguish one from other.
  • As part of this workbook I also keep a notes sheet. This is where I might write a note, perhaps which does not relate to what or who I am looking for, but I want to capture the thought before I vanishes as soon as it arrives!

How often you review data will be up to you, perhaps you do it:

  • When you see an announcement of the release of a data set online.
  • Perhaps when you are working through your to do list.
  • Perhaps as a result of an enquiry from another researcher.
  • Perhaps in preparation of a pending research trip.

There is no hard and fast rule and I would recommend that you record when you search for material on your log, because it could be the case that you have searched over a period to time to find the material is not online, anywhere despite multiple searches and you perhaps need to engage the services of a genealogist to assist you. It might also be the case that the material you seek is simply not available and has been destroyed either as a deliberate act or it was created (or not) too long ago. There is also the possibility that the material is in an unsuspecting place.

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